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About The Author

I love to read. I love owning one too many cats. I love playing open-world RPG-style video games and reading sprawling Fantasy sagas in my downtime. (I aspire to write my own some day.) I love rescued pit bulls, bad television, tattoos, and when my hair isn't some shade of blonde, it's hot pink or mermaid green. I love writing unexpected characters and stories just a hair outside the box. I love book reviews--the good, the bad, the tear-inducing. I love writing (when I don't hate it) and I especially love my job because it's just the right amount of unglamorous for a down-to-earth gal like me. I love when new readers find me, and I was just what they were looking for. I love my little town nestled in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. I love strong coffee, staying up too late, and breakfast for dinner. I love flip-flops and beaches, good beer and fresh tamales, whippy little cars and big, loud trucks. I love Space Balls, The Fifth ElementLabyrinth, and The Land Before Time. Most of all, I love my 2.5 kids (dogs count, and you know it's true) and my sweet, romance-inspiring husband. And I love that you're here! Stop by my Facebook page to catch the latest buzz, and check out my shelves on Goodreads if your TBR pile is looking a little wilted. I'm sure I can help you out!


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